Convenient School and Sports entertainment in Riyadh’s Ishbilia Compound

Convenient School and Sports entertainment in Riyadh’s Ishbilia Compound

Convenient School and Sports entertainment in Riyadh’s Ishbilia Compound

Convenient School and Sports entertainment in Riyadh’s Ishbilia Compound

Riyadh is the capital and the financial hub of Saudi Arabia. It has become a modern sprawling city with different economic developments popping up all over the city. Expats from different regions come to Riyadh for their economical welfare and anticipate some of the best rental accommodations for their families, where they can live a prosperous life and relish the chance of exploring the different opportunitiesnow available for children and families in Saudi Arabia.

In order to take advantage of these conveniences, gathering all information regarding the different compounds in Riyadh is a crucial step. You have to make surethat everything is set for your family, especially for your children to live in a comfortable and familiar way. Along with selecting a well-furnished and palatial compound, it must have the ability to serve your children with theirentertainment needs and a good school inside the compound for their education and development.

If you have been searching for the best place in Riyadh that can cater to all your needs, you can count onIshbilia Compound. We offer different types of detached and semi-detached deluxe, spacious, modernizedand fully-furnished residential villas that are fitted withworld-class appliances, furnishings and services that guarantee the contentment and comfort for you and your family during your stay here in Riyadh.You just need to call our customer service professionals to book your desired accommodation.

Life in a compound in Riyadh:

Riyadh can provide a less-frenzied and easier lifestyle than other parts of the Kingdom, as every amenity isclose to hand. We offer dedicated international school buses that means you don’t have to worry about organizing transportation for your children.With Ishbilia Compound, you don’t need to bother about anything as our dedicated team from Maintenance to Children’s Events will give you the assistance you need to make sure your stay is unique and enjoyable.

When it comes to kids, weprovide the best education and sports entertainment programs in Riyadh to make their life and future at Ishbilia better.

Education system

Education is one of the most decisive parts in a child’s transformation and our on-site Ishbilia Kindergarten and School is completely dedicated to them. We ensure that our preSchool & nursery can transform your children socially and academically with the most comprehensive and supportive learning programs, managed by Intuitive Education. Our staff involved in this program will work closely with parents to enhance and improve the potential of their children.

Sports entertainment-

Along with proper education, children should also have physical and mental wellbeing. This has defined the importance of our philosophy to provide Sports entertainment in Riyadh. Ishbilia Compound is large enough to enjoy walking, cycling and running and your children can obtain all the fitness amenitiesthey need easily. Different challenging and exciting sporting events, tournaments,and competitions are organized regularly by our Sports and Fitness team. We also have a fullfitness class schedule that includesclasses specifically dedicated for children such as Zumba, Hip Hop, Ju-Jitsu, Gymnastics, Swimming and Karate.

In short, we have better facilities for your family and children. Feel free to contact us!