Our incredibly hard working team is continuously coming up with new and exciting events to bring to our residents. As a family oriented compound, we strive to create and host activities that are not only enjoyable by all, but also filled with great memories! Every month, we plan and execute different and interesting ideas that we are sure the whole family will enjoy!

Over the weekend Ishbilia hosted a charity Spinathon event in conjunction with Kinetico ladies only gym which brought a massive amount of energy, music, fun and excitement to the compound! We aim to hold more events such as this one more frequently!

Also, we now have a new vendor added to our amazing list of caterers. Yes "Paul" has just opened their branch here at Ishbilia!

We also plan multiple sports and fitness events throughout the year such as bowling competitions, gym competitions, volleyball tournaments, ballroom fitness, and racquetball competitions.

For families, we have planned events such as Family Fun Day, Cinco de Mayo, escape games, dog club meetings, chess clubs, playroom playdates, go karting trips, artistic mornings, guy’s time-out dinners, pool parties, BBQs, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Ramadan Night.

We also host different classes such as gardening, hair styling, photography, cooking, sewing, and flying lessons. Our team does their best in creating events that Ishbilia residents of all ages will love and want to participate!

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