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Central Facility

Central Facility

Our Central Facility (CF) is located in the center of Ishbilia Compound and it has the best recreation facilities that you could ever wish for. It is where you will find the majority of the amenities offered such as the mini-market, ATM, post office, barber and beauty salon, gift shops, library, compound taxi, tailor and laundry services.

At our ‘Magical Touches’ salon we offer a variety of hair treatments, coloring, manicure and pedicure, hair removal, therapeutic massages and makeup services.

Inside you will also find our ‘Alicante Cafe’ which brings well-known brands to the compound, such as Starbucks, Paul Bakery, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Baskin Robbins. There is a Burger King stall located outside of Central Facilities also.

Our fine dining restaurant ‘Club Rendezvous’ is designed and catered by the five-star restaurant Le Chateau and Ginger. Club Rendezvous has the capacity to host 400 guest and is well designed for hosting private events and parties. Diners have the choice of seating in open area, luxurious private dining rooms for special occasions as well as cozy booths for romantic dining. The restaurant has atmosphere thanks to its lightning, background music, exquisite international cuisine and excellent service.